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©2019 by Through the Door Coaching.



From Software Architect to falling in love with our humanity. Since the age of nine I have been called to "healing". Then my plan was to be a doctor. I imagined being a "small town doctor" making house calls. Life occurs, identities get created, false limited beliefs get formed and many years later, I am back to the wisdom my nine year old self held ... being a healer of the human spirit. Below is a synopsis of that "professional" journey.

Through The Door Coaching

2015 - Current

Integrating the Whole Human through personal, team and leadership coaching

Executive & Business Agility Coaching

2013 - 2018

Accenture: Leadership development, organization development, business agility coaching, team development coaching

Organizational Agility Consulting Years

2006 - 2013

Microsoft, Tableau, Alaska Air, REI, Starbucks: Transformed business operations and delivery, introduced business agility, leadership agility, and team agility using Scrum, SAFe and Lean

Tech Startup Years (Co-Creator / VP)

2000 - 2006

Co-Architect and Executive for two startups (Stratagen Systems / Routematch Software)

Principal Software Architect Years

1990 - 2000

Shaped the technical direction of business outcomes and crafted human centric solutions

My Coaching Philosophy

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

I imagine a world with no borders around our hearts nor around the planet. To "get there" takes understanding our humanity and expanding into our full potential as humans. This means integrating our whole being fully. We are taught by our parents and our education systems that the "brain" rules supreme. This error in judgement and limited belief leads to living inauthentically and causes humans to struggle with the nature of being human. Enter the heart and the body (gut). Along comes Neuroscience to "prove" what humans millennials ago already knew ... we have a natural wholeness. Our separation was made up in the brain and perpetuated down into our societies.


Coaching reverses this trend to help the client see the wholeness they already are and "re-integrate" that wholeness into all of life. In the Co-Active coaching model this is known as "You are already naturally creative, resourceful and whole". Playfully I add to this, "You forgot". 

I help you "remember who you are".